About Us

Orion® Armored Cars Corp. is privately owned, and proudly states that every single vehicle is manufactured following a strict Quality Control Process, including testing prior to delivery, by our International Manufacturing Partners.

Our Goal is to provide you with a turn key solution when acquiring your armored car.

If you are not a first-time buyer, chances are you have already endured a poor experience, embellished with promises of timely Delivery and Quality. The reality can sometimes be much different than what promised by the manufacturer.

Examples found by our expert team:

  • Gaps on the welding seems between armored plated (not visible on final product)

  • leakage where transparent armor has been installed (poor sealing between transparent and steel armor)

  • Original door Hinges reinstalled after armoring (armor weight will make the hinge break eventually)

  • Brakes and Suspension not reinforced

These are simply a few examples out of our long check list when providing you our service. We go where you cannot go:

  • We inspect your vehicle(s) through a rigid quality control process, prior, during and after armor is complete

  • We provide you with live video updates on the manufacturing of each vehicle

  • Our teams are on site, as a third-party supervising force

  • Our contracts to manufacturers are designed to protect you from late deliveries, and quality defects

  • Our services ensure a swift experience when acquiring armored vehicles, from the moment you choose the chassis to be armored, all the way to the last step; delivery and takeover of the unit(s)