Armored GMC Yukon Denali front
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Orion Armored Cars

Orion® Armored Cars Inc. is privately owned, and proudly states that every single vehicle is manufactured following a strict Quality Control Process, including testing prior to delivery, In-House.

Our Goal is to provide you with a turn key solution when acquiring an armored vehicle.

At Orion Armored Cars, our team is client driven – from advising on the adequate protection levels necessary to your particular scenario, to manufacturing the vehicle to your needs – leading to the management of your cargo to the port of destination, we have the platform to offer a global reach, providing the highest quality of manufacturing when armoring our vehicles and assisting in the timely delivery of all our products.

Orion Armored Cars Inc. is a Canadian firm forged from Military expertise, that leads the global market in the design and manufacturing of armored vehicles, for multiple applications such as banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate clients and individuals all over the world.

With multiple facilities all over the world, ORION ARMORED CARS INC. works with every client for efficiency, addressing agreed upon production times, and accurate delivery dates on all purchases. Orion Armored Cars Inc. is one of the largest armored vehicles manufacturers in North America, with a production capacity of 40 vehicles per month while focusing on the quality we are known and recognized for. All materials are certified by third party organizations as well as tested at ORION ARMORED CARS INC. own testing facility in Toronto, Canada.

Among others, Orion Armored Cars Inc. clients are such organizations as the Department of National Defence from several countries, Ministry of Interior, Police Forces, embassies and consulates around the world, executive protection firms, luxury vehicle dealerships, security companies and V.I.P. private individuals.

In order to provide safety and security to its clients, ORION ARMORED CARS INC. has implemented significant investment in technological innovation, upscale design and rigid quality control processes. This is a field we believe focus must be constant as every day, new threats are identified around the world.